About CAV

The inspiration behind Classic Auto Vault really began when I owned my first classic car when I was 17 years of age, a long time ago. It was a 1922 Fiat 501 tourer in which I learned to drive.

The Fiat was not a speedster but interesting: gate change gears on the off side, torque tube, combined generator and starter motor and so on. I would have loved to have kept it when I left home but there was nowhere for it to remain safely and it had to go. My first love! (well almost!)

Many others cars came and went reluctantly. There were also the cars that I would have liked to have owned but had nowhere to keep them let alone work on them. It is not in my nature to exploit the generosity of friends and relations, freeload and inconvenience them with my cars. Filling this need is the thinking behind Classic Auto Vault.

A number of commercial services are now offered and we will gladly give you this information. However, we would like to think that we have something special to offer and are commercially competitive.

That was the seed of the idea. A small-personalized facility. A place for car storage that is affordable and could provide some assistance to owners to nurture their treasures – a place for escape. It is not the place for a car that has little or no intrinsic value or if it is just a restorer’s opportunity.

Although it is not a repair or restoration facility it is a suitable place for owners to remove assemblies from stored cars for work elsewhere and minor servicing.

A key requirement was accessibility. This facility satisfies that need being in Bayswater, approximately 2 km from the railway station, just off the M3 Eastlink Toll-way, shortly before joining the Eastern Freeway: MELWAYS Map 64 B4.

Classic Auto Vault has been established to provide a safe, secure place for classic car storage and for owners to to be able to have their head under the bonnet, to hire a hoist and other equipment such as a transmission jack and an engine crane. There is no need to try to ignore age and fitness trying to crawl under cars and perform heavy lifting.

It is a place with a small select clientele where Owners can enjoy each others company as well as their cars.

Contact Details

Factory 7/15 Stud Road Bayswater 3153

Phone: 0438582751
emergencies: 0417548166

Postal Address

PO Box No 6053 Hawthorn West PO Hawthorn Vic 3122